GA43 4-ch 750w Power Amplifiers with DSP


4x750W Amplifier with DSP

Compact 4-channel high efficiency class D amplifier featuring Powersoft™ power module and DSP processor, capable of delivering up to 4x750W per channel at 4 ohm or 2x1500W at 8 ohm / 100V*.

Remotely programmable with Powersoft™ ArmoníaPlus software through Ethernet connection, GA43 has 4 selectable presets that can be adjusted to your needs and recalled by a physical button on the rear panel.

Thanks to its modular design, 3 elements of GA43 can fit into 2 rack units with a dedicated accessory (G-RACK).

Designed for high performance applications for rental and permanent installations such as touring and events, auditoriums, transportation facilities, houses of worship, stadiums, theme parks and clubs.

*dedicated preset available for 70V or 100V speaker lines

Tech specs


Input Channels: 2
Output Channels: 4 
Max Output Power per Channel: 750W (RMS EIAJ Single Channel Driven @ 4 ohm)
Minimum Impedance: 4Ω
Max Output Power (Bridge mode**): 2x1500W @ 8Ω
High Impedance Power: 2x1500W @ 100V* (bridge mode**)
Internal DSP: 28 bit data path with 56 bit inner processing 
Operating Voltage: 85-264 VAC 
AC Current: 7A Nominal 
Width: 145mm (5,71in) 
Height: 90mm (3,54in) 
Depth: 418mm (16,46in) 
Rack adapter: G-RACK

*Presets available for 70V and 100V speaker lines
**See instruction manual


Analog balanced I: 2 x Combo jack-XLR female line 
Analog power O: 2 x Speakon (4 pole) 


Volume potentiometer | RJ45 connector | DSP can be remotely controlled via an Ethernet connection through Powersoft ArmoniaPlus Software



Rack mount panel for up to 3x GA43(L) / GA46(L) / GA41(L)

KGEAR Amplifier Control Tutorial




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