GA43 4-ch 750w Power Amplifiers with DSP


12" High Efficiency Coaxial Slim Array Element

This passive 12” coaxial array element features a compact stainless steel, weather resistant cabinet that benefits from K-array™ SAT® (Slim Array Technology).

Its cardioid dispersion pattern limits the loss of energy in unwanted directions. More units can be joined together to form a line array and scale up the system.

Designed for high performance outdoor/indoor applications both for fixed and moving installations for live events, auditoriums, transportation facilities, stadia, theme parks and big and clubs.

Suggested amplifiers GA43 and GA46.


Stainless Steel Design

GH12 is made out of Grade 430 stainless steel, an alloy that combines good formability and finish capabilities with an excellent resistance to pitting and corrosion. 

The high density and neutral sonic characteristics of this material make it a perfect choice for applications that require compact design, resistance to adverse conditions and high sound performance.

Slim Array Technology ®

SAT (Slim Array Technology) line arrays show a hyper-cardioid dispersion pattern in the mid-low range frequencies, where conventional line arrays are almost omnidirectional, contributing to a better direction and control.

The clarity in the low frequencies and an extremely fast impulse response are the true advantages of slim array speakers. The combination of these two factors leads to a significantly better acoustic outcome with respect to the traditional line array elements, particularly in terms of sound definition and noise pollution outside the desired audience areas.

Additionally, the compactness of the speakers benefits the user through the practicality in transporting, the ease of assembly and the overall minimal footprint of the cluster which creates an optimization of space, time and, therefore, total incurred costs for the management of these systems.


Tech specs


Continuous power: 200W
Peak power: 400W 
Impedance: 32Ω 
Frequency range: 125hz – 20khz (-6db average) 
Maximum SPL(1): 129dB (peak) 
Continuos SPL: 117dB 
Coverage: v.30° - H.90°


12” Coaxial with 1” compression driver ferrite magnet 


Analog power I: 1 x speakon 
Analog power O: 1 x speakon 


Width: 327mm (12,87in) 
Height: 334mm (13,15in) 
Depth: 198mm (7,79in) 
Weight: 13,8kg (30,43lbs) 
Material: stainless steel 
Color: black 
Rating: IP54