GA43 4-ch 750w Power Amplifiers with DSP


18" Subwoofer + 24x2" Modular Column System (Passive)

This high performance system includes a 18” passive subwoofer combined with 3 modular 8x2” transducer array elements featuring K-array™ PAT® technology (Pure Array Technology). 

The column is composed by 3 8x2" interchangeable array modules with an alternating horizontal inclination of each driver, which gives GP18 a 140° wide horizontal dispersion angle for an incredibly immersive sound stage.

Designed for low eye impact outdoor/indoor applications both for rental and permanent installations for public events, live bands, auditoriums, bars and clubs.

Perfect companion of GP18A to create a stereo system or driven by GA43 and GA46 amplifiers.

User Tip: optimize the cost and combine the system with the passive model whether it is for stereo configurations or distributed sound.


Tech specs


Power Handling: 750W subwoofer + 700W satellite 
Peak Power: 1500W subwoofer + 1400W satellite 
Impedance: 8Ω subwoofer + 16Ω each segment 
Frequency Range: 45 Hz - 20 KHz (-6 dB average) 
Maximum SPL(1): 125dB peak *measured at 8m and then scaled at 1m (peak) 
Continuos SPL: 113 dB 
Coverage: V.20° - H.140° 


Subwoofer: 18” ferrite magnet 
Mid High Frequency: 3 modules with 8x2” ferrite magnet 







Width: 545mm (21,46in) 
Height: 610mm (24,02in) 
Depth: 600mm (23,6in) 
Weight: 34,4kg (75,84lbs) 
Material: wood 
Rating: IP43


Width: 85mm (3,34in) 
Height: 1610mm (63,38in) 
Depth: 105mm (4,13in) 
Weight: 6kg (13,22lbs) 
Material: ABS 
Rating: IP54


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